fly Cvltvre Ambassadors 

Cael "Muthafishin" Jones          

I was born and raised in Carbondale, Colorado and I am Co-owner of Vital Films.  Growing up I spent most of my time fishing with my mom and dad. They said I was always drawn towards the water and fishing in particular. As I got older I really loved being up on the mountains with my dad who was a ski patroller at Aspen Highlands. Little did I know growing up as a kid in the Roaring Fork Valley I had some of the best fly fishing in Colorado right in my back yard! It was only a matter of time before the sport found me. Owning a film company has opened a lot of opportunities and given me time to explore and plan fishing trips all over CO and North America! Vital Films (@vitalfilms) is excited to soon expand into the fly fishing industry and hopes to collaborate with Fly Cvltvre on future projects! Can’t wait to see what this season holds!


Austin Mordvinkin          

I like to think that I fly fish to enjoy the company of others. To create memories with new people or close friends/family. And while that plays a huge part in why I do what I do, there is another reason as well. When I am on the water, I am taken over by something. Ease... Relaxation. The blood in my veins become the flowing water. The tread on my boots rooted to the soil. Observing. Watching closely. Reading the different seams and riffles that are halted by boulders as stout and resolute as my heart. Set on one thing and one thing alone. Fly fishing. A musician and his instrument, ready to be heard by an audience. Stay confident and calm. Second guessing your selection of song may yield a “Boo” from the crowd. So many little decisions. The weight, depth, fly selection, was that the correct color of fly? Is the fish able to see my shadow? Or perhaps I am using to heavy of tippet. But that is the fun of it. Such a simple thing brings so many different people and cultures together. A Fly Culture. On the water all things are forgotten. Bonds built. Brothers and Sisters to one another. This is why I Fly Fish. 


kyle jordan

Born in Vail, CO, I've been surrounded by mountains and streams my entire life. At 14 I caught my first fish on a fly rod and the obsession took over. Since then I’ve only wanted to dig deeper and continue progressing. It has led me to look past just catching fish and instead, appreciating the beauty of fly fishing as means to connect with Nature. I hope to share the love of fly fishing wherever I go and encourage others to conserve the beautiful sport we love.


annie Young

Born and raised in Colorado, my appreciation for the outdoors began at a young age. My dad was an avid skier which meant 5:30am wakeup calls to spend as much time on the slopes as possible. I’m 25 this year and my passion for the outdoors has continued to manifest through many different avenues - the most profound being fly fishing. Fly fishing quickly developed into a fulfilling obsession. Whether it’s small creek excursions or searching for trout in high alpine lakes, fly fishing is an adventure I’m always down for. When I’m not cheesin’ on the river, you’ll probably find me petting a stranger’s dog, identifying flowers with my favorite Rocky Mountain flower book, or at Billy’s grabbing margs with the Fly Cvltvre boys.


charles warren

Charles was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and attended Sewanee: University of the South in Sewanee, TN, where he developed his love for fly fishing on the nearby Elk River tail water. Charles went on to be an assistant guide at C Lazy U Ranch in Granby, CO, where he continues to guide from time to time during the summers. Charles spends most of his time on waters in the Nantahala, Smoky Mountain and Lower-Appalachian regions of North Carolina and Tennessee as well as the Southeast coast of Georgia targeting Redfish and other inshore species. 


Sean Jordan

Growing up in Pennsylvania, I did a lot of hunting and fishing with my brother and my Dad. It wasn’t anything serious, just something fun to do in the spring/summer. As I started spending more time in CO, I realized I wanted to get into fly fishing and really utilize the land around me. Being a professional skier, I love being outdoors and challenging myself, so fly fishing is perfect. I look forward to exploring as much water and as many places as I can with my fly rod in the future. 


CJ Lord

First and foremost, I’m a husband and father of two.  Born and raised in northwestern Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley, I grew up fishing small trout streams in the Blue Ridge mountains in WV and the greater Appalachian Range. Currently residing in Wake Forest, North Carolina, I live far from trout (they are minimum 4 hours away). This passion/obsession we call fly fishing calls me to make the long grueling trips to the mountain streams as much as the wife allows I’m able to.  When on the water, you can find me roaming the mountains of NC, TN, VA, WV in pursuit of two things, a deeper immersion into life and big nasty wild brown trout. The great struggle in life is to be better each and every day. When it comes to fly fishing, stay persistent, put your time in, perfect your craft and most importantly respect the resource, both the land and the fish!


Drake Roskelley

What’s up, my name is Drake Roskelley, I am the ripe age of 20, and I am from Alpine, UT. Ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with fishing, starting at the age of 8, I would fish local ponds and creeks as often as I could. The first fish I caught on the fly rod was at 16, and ever since, there has been no cure for my fly-fishing addiction. Fly-fishing has taken me around the country as well as the world, the people I have met, the beauty I have seen, and the relationships I have formed over the last couple years are greatly due to fly-fishing. Being from Utah, I am surrounded by great water. I mainly spend my time fishing in Utah, but on the weekends, will often road trip North too either Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, or even Canada. This coming summer, I plan to spend my first season guiding in Alaska on the Kvichak River, guiding for some of the most insane rainbows in the world. I couldn’t be more stoked about being a member of the Fly Cvltvre team, and can’t wait to see where this sport will take me over the next couple years.


Alec Lucas

I was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and Charleston, South Carolina. I grew up fishing with both my parents having a strong interest in the sport. My dad taught me how to fly fish when I was around 7 years old and ever since I picked up a fly rod I haven’t been able to put it down. I am a fly fishing guide for Minturn Anglers out of Minturn, Colorado. I spend most of my time fishing on the Eagle and Colorado River. I really enjoy chasing trophy brown trout and salt water species when I can. I think the best part about fly fishing for me is the thrill of the hunt and the fact that it takes me all over the world. I get to meet so many great people and share some truly remarkable experiences. The friendships you gain with this type of lifestyle will last a lifetime. I'm really happy to be working with Fly Cvltvre as I think they are really trying to promote a positive and healthy fly fishing lifestyle.