Alta Studios

We help translate your ideas and goals into art. Through the dynamic use of photography and film, we provide our clients with products that bring brands, events, and memories to life. Our team takes on each project with the client's goals, identities, and stylistic preferences at the forefront of the creative process.

Alta Studios' goal is to create high-quality, finished products that encourage excitement and provoke emotion from the audiences that interact with them. Whether it be assisting in the promotion of business or in the preservation of personal memories, we work to add artistic elements of beauty and professionalism to your ideas.

insta: @alta_studios

Rob Knight

Robert Knight fell in love with photography as a kid. He picked up a camera when he was 12 years old in the sun soaked summer of his St. Louis hometown to photograph his friends skateboarding. Countless rolls of film developed, hundreds of hours spent in the high school darkroom and a lot of terrible black and white prints later he committed to photography as a career. After years of formal education at various art schools he collected his BFA and went on to spend the next six years working with some of the best advertising, editorial and celebrity photographers in the country. Routine trips to Wyoming to visit family revealed the open spaces and quiet mountains of the American west. This lead to a steady supply of road trips and backpacking trips. But after 26 years of a life in the Midwest spent dreaming of being in the mountains, Robert packed up his belongings, sold what he couldn’t fit in his car and headed for the hills. Golden CO is where he calls home for the moment.

insta: @rknightphoto

Matthew Delorme

Matthew DeLorme is a professional photographer and not so pro fly fisherman freshly transplanted from Colorado to Seattle. When not traveling the world shooting mountain bike races, he can usually be found poking around his local creeks and rivers looking for fish and fresh photo angles. No weather is too cold, and no fishing hole is too remote. DeLorme is convinced that early starts and difficult conditions will always make for a more rewarding adventure. He usually keeps a rod in his bag when he travels so he can fish new water all over the world. His latest endeavor is the perfecting the fly fishing selfie using a remote camera set up.

insta: @mdelormephoto

Luca DelPiccolo

Luca DelPiccolo was born and raised in Colorado, spending a big chunk of time on family trips though the mountains. This eventually sparked an interest in photography and Luca began taking his camera everywhere he went, snapping pictures of the scenery. After studying Technology, Arts, & Media at CU Boulder, he opened up an online store and began working for larger clients such as Stone Brewing and United Way. He has experience in search and social media marketing, and has blended that with his passion for photography to provide a full spectrum of digital marketing skills. Today, Luca lives in North Denver and spends his free time hiking and playing soccer - and he still takes his camera everywhere he goes.